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Securely Backed Up

No matter what your handset is. You will never be locked in. With so many ways to access your data on Gym Technik, you can switch phones like the weather.

Access your data anywhere in the world.


Our Mobile Site

Gym Technik Mobile is our mobile site, freely accessible to all free Basic and Premium accounts.

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Workout Guide

The best of us require a little reminding sometimes.

With Gym Technik on your mobile phone, you are always guided through your workouts. Complete each exercise and it gets checked off. There are no exercises to forget.


Track and Better Yourself Each Time

There is no excuse to slack off anymore. As you workout, your last exercise stats is displayed. You will never forget how much you did previously.

Keep that in mind and try to lift more, run longer or faster this week.

Fitness Tracking and Workout Management through your Mobile browser

Gym Technik provides a platform agnostic mobile site. You can access it using any recent smartphone with a browser that supports Internet browsing with Javascripts.