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Workouts Stored In Workout Library




Your Own Custom Exercises




Trackable Workouts Per Day




Basic Tracking / Graphing / Progress Photos

Track your workout performance and body stats online or on your phone.

Review your performance using graphs or upload photos to see your body's transformation.

Guidance / Tracking via Mobile Site

Access your workouts, stream videos, and track stats on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry browser.

Streaming Exercise Videos

Embedded within the workout tracking screens is easy access to streaming videos. Get instant video guidance for the proper form of an exercise within our library.

Access to the Premium Pre-Built Workouts

Premium workouts are added to the workout library regularly by Gym Technik personal trainers.

There are workouts for all different levels, experience and fitness goals.

Find a workout you like, grab it and start tracking. Keep improving by keeping your body guessing, switch up your workouts regularly.

Advanced Tracking / Graphing

Track multiple workouts per day.

Add cardio exercises directly to the calendar for split day workouts, or fine-tuned workout management.

Pull up exercise graphs by workouts. Quickly compare multiple exercises in one graph.

More Trackable Body Stats / Measurements

Track more than just body weight and body fat.

Unlock the ability to track body part size measurements.

Auto-calculated BMI and lean body mass.


E-mail Reminders For Scheduled Workouts

Pre-plan your routines and schedule workouts in advance using the calendar.

On the actual day of the workout, get a friendly e-mail reminder with instructions and a list of exercises.


Review Progress With The Workout Grid

An easy to understand table format.

Review notes and quickly compare trends in your workouts using the powerful workout grid.


Export Your Data To Excel

Want to back up your data offsite or share with your friends, family, or physician?

Export your Workout Grids to excel.


More Customizable Print Out Formats

Use paper to track your workouts?

Choose from different pre-formatted layouts, or customize your own layouts to quickly print out your workouts.


Trainer Builds Personalized Workout Plans

A Gym Technik personal trainer builds your own personalized workout plans.

More affordable than in-person training, while keeping the benefits of having a certified personal trainer keeping you accountable.


Trainer Reviews Your Progress

Your Gym Technik personal trainer will review your progress every 3 months and adjust your workout plans accordingly.


Message Your Online Trainer

You are able to message your trainer on Gym Technik, to help you keep on track with your fitness progress.

Ask your trainer questions and keep yourself motivated.


Premium+ E-mail Support

Faster access to one-on-one e-mail support with Premium+.

Download and use of our award winning BlackBerry app. Harness offline tracking capabilities on our slick app.

Sync with our App for the BlackBerry®

Keep working out with or without Wifi or cellular coverage by installing the BlackBerry app. The data is backed up onto the site so your data is always safe.


Resting and Recovery Timer

Launch the built-in Resting and Recovery Timer that slides out to allow you time your rest intervals and pace your workouts for optimum intensity.

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