Getting The Gym Technik App For The BlackBerry


Point your BlackBerry browser to

Download and Install

Click on Download to install.

Installation and syncing is done over the mobile Internet and data charges may apply. Please check with your service provider.

Save Permissions

Grant the app trusted status to allow it to save data onto your BlackBerry.

The first time Gym Technik runs, it may take a while to complete the first sync as it will download your data for the past 2 months for offline use.

Minimum Requirements

  • About 5 MB of free space. The initial sync will download and decompress your past 2 months of data onto your handset. If you have a large volume of data, this might take a while.
  • BlackBerry OS 4.5 and above (Trackwheel not supported)
  • Email service set-up on device
  • GSM/CDMA cellular or Wifi connection with BIS access (IDEN devices not supported)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about any releases, please visit our help center.