Truly know how
well you are performing.

Losing weight or gaining mass.
You need to see where you've started from to realize the progress you've made.


Graph + Trend your fitness.

How often have you been working out? Have you been improving? Have you lost weight while gaining muscle?

These are questions you can easily answer using our advanced graphing tools.


Access your workouts anywhere anytime.

Sign on wherever you are and configure your workouts and track your fitness.

All your data is backed up online so you can graph and trend your progress for years to come.


Add + Track your progress

No more paper. The workout calendar allows you to enter progress directly from the web.

Use the calender to add, edit and view your workout data quickly and easily.


Build + Optimize your workouts

Build each of your workouts by selecting exercises from our extensive exercises library. Don't see your own special exercises? Add it to the system.

Each of these workouts will appear on your mobile smart phone when you sign in at the gym.

Access On Your Smartphone

Gym Technik Mobile lets you track your workouts and body stats using your Smartphone.

Visit using any recent Smartphone browser that supports Javascripts.

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